The Subtle Invasion

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    The Islamic fascist movement had started the invasion of the Western world as early as the late 1970’s with the creation of the first Islamic state in the world and the creation of the theocracy in Iran in 1979. They have settled in America and Western Europe posing as simple immigrants in search of a better life. They are in fact 21st century soldiers waiting to attack their enemy. They are bringing their culture of death from the Middle East to the Western world. Their goal is simple, “One World, One God and One Jihad”. That is they want a world Islamic theocracy. They know they can not take on the Western powers in the traditional way of invading armies so they have adopted a style of fighting that is like a global guerrilla war.

    What can the Western world do? It is against our culture and nature but we will have to consider deporting non citizens that are Muslims. Also those Muslims that are citizens of the Western countries that preach the same Islamic terror hate need to be arrested for hate crimes. I’m well aware of Islamic communities like those in Deer Born Michigan that have been good Americans for generations and have lived in peace and prosperity with other Americans. If you get rid of the crazies and shame the Islamic communities and bring some heat on them then the more moderate and rational Muslims will start outing the crazies. Basically I believe we need to get the Muslims that simply are here in pursuit of a better life to out those that are soldiers in the Islamic Jihad. Right now there hasn’t been great outrage from the Islamic communities in the Western world. In the U.K. they were tolerating mosques with mullahs preaching the same kind of hate you would find in Iran or Syria. These places need to be shutdown and those leaders arrested. We also need to stop immigration from particular countries and yes people of the Islamic faith. I’ve read that France today is something like 18% Muslim. France has already been invaded and on their way to be conquered.

    Before you start to get outraged, put the shoe on the other foot. What would happen if hundreds of thousands of Christian immigrants went to the Muslim countries of the Middle East? First of all it wouldn’t happen because they have laws to prevent it. The few oil workers from the west in Muslim countries are quarantined and forced to live in walled communities. They are not allowed to live amongst the locals and practice their faith in public.

    Another way to deal with this Islamic Jihad comes from the philosophy of Hammurabi. For every attack in a Western country, we could carpet bomb the major cities of Muslim countries. Sort of an eye for an eye tactic that the irrational Muslims might understand. Sure innocent and good people will be killed in the process but hey what is happening in London right now? We could even use nukes to lay waste to places like Tehran bringing so much misery and death that they will give up the world Jihad movement. Pretty nasty and evil stuff but that is the enemy we are facing.

    Is Islam an evil religion? In its present form yes. Before you liberals lose your head just look at any country where there is a sizable Islamic community. There is trouble, war and death there. The Christian religion it could be argued was evil or at the very least flawed. During the Middle Ages, Popes had standing armies and called for Holy Wars. Also non believers in places were persecuted tortured and even executed. Just look at the Spanish Inquisition. The hypocrisy and scandals of the Catholic Church brought about the Reformation and the eventual development of the peaceful and enlightened church of today. Islam needs to go through the same type of reformation and the majority of rational and peaceful Muslims are the only ones that can bring this about. Now flame away.
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