The sky is about to fall - well, maybe anyway!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by shock, Sep 30, 2012.

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    When the acorn fell and struck her on the head the little hen said:
    The sky is falling in."
    Today I feel much as the hen felt then.

    Here in once industrialized America there are those who have been accustomed to work and who are eager to work
    but who cannot find employment in their previous work and lack the skills needed to compete for jobs in other fields, and so, if they find work at all, they find it in much lower paid jobs, some of which require they rely upon food stamps, Christ's kitchens, and so forth, to feed themselves and their families.

    There are also those who are too old now to be considered for employment in a field filled with younger people equally eager for work. Many of such persons had no pensions and if they had vested pension rights many of them have cashed them in and have spent the proceeds and now have no pension rights at all except social security benefits which many congresspersons would deny them.

    There are a lot of people, however, with one or more
    military pensions, government service pensions , corporate pensions, etc
    and in our Exon-like business environment, and with our balance of trade and our tax structure, we wonder how such pensions will be paid---unless, of course, the hoods who run the Fed continue to print paper money until it isn't worth "a Continental" or a Confederate dollar or a "tinker's damn" or the paper upon which it is printed.

    Thoughout the western world many people are afflicted with fears concerning the affects of austerity. Those who would lose by austerity are commencing to riot in some countries. Worse, in Africa and in other places thousands of men, women and children are quietly dying of starvation. However, being the world's fattest people, we highlight and sympathize with those westeners who oppose austerity and we do our best to hide from sight those non-westeners who are starving.

    Anyway, whatever may befall us, when push comes to shove we Americanswill be able to console ourselves by thinking that
    if we weren't Americans
    we also could be facing the loss of
    medical benefits and
    educational benefits,
    and fail safe social safety nets , etc.,
    such as other and more advanced and Christianized industrial nations have provided their people.

    It has been said that in Europe the governments are afraid of people,
    while, in America, the people are afraid of government. Support for the American part of that statement seems to find support in the fact that here in America our better citizens have enough political sense to join together long enough to occupy a particular place
    but do not have the political courage to form a party when they are so joined. And if they ever do have the courage to form a party, our governing establshment has have been preparing for such a possibility and now controls the voting machines, the voting procedures, the executive, legislative and judicial brances of government, the electoral college, the seating procedures, etc., ---and has most of the riot gear it needs to handle any foreseeable people demonstrations.

    Much of our environmental problems could be addressed by means of an efficient portal to portal people and freight transportation system. And we might almost balance the budget by raising our top income tax and by taxing stock sales and such. But if we can't form a new party, why speculate about what might be done.

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    It's so much easier to take over an existing party, the commie crats have proven that, and much of what you said aligns you more in their direction.

    How about we shrink government back to the intent of the Constitution, then all these taxes wouldn't be necessary, of course then many would have to earn their way instead living off the sweat of others.

    And as far as wester european government fearing their people, you got that backwards, they have already disarmed their populations so they don't really fear the people. The meger demonstrations you've witnessed in DC over the last few years are nothing to what could be put together if our government pushes us too far. If that should happen we won't come unarmed.

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