The Romney Tax Cut Plan An Empty Chair!

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    Anyone can post a link, but mostly: Tea Party organizations are only dimly aware that Romney wants a 20% cut in personal income tax rates: And not aware at all that Romney wants to cut or eliminate deductions only for persons making $200,000.00 or more.

    Then when it comes to which deductions and exemptions: The factions offer no proposals at all.

    So Romney even goes ahead and suggests that really, the tax will not be very much. Again, offering a 20% tax cut to 50% of filers with zero federal income tax liability is not cut at all. Offering a cut, but taking away deductions--mainly benefits the super-rich!

    Romney To Middle Class Ohioans: Don't Expect Too Much Tax Relief From Me

    The only people getting any adjustments of anything are the upper 50% of filers with some income tax liability. At one point, deductions and exemptions were going to be elimianted above $100,000.00 or more. Then that was raised, unless it wasn't(?). The Saudi Royal Family might be construed to take a big hit on the USA palace properties. Even if they were liable--what mortgage deduction would they lose? There are very rich people with no big need for mortgage payments. All there would be is a cut in rates!

    No commentator so states! No Tea Party site so states! The RNC does not so-state!

    So nobody knows or seems to much care just what the tax cut would be! Ohio Republicans seem to agree that taxes in fact are needed for the social programs they support. A lot of socialism actually goes a long way(?)!

    So anyone is back to the nowhere noted debate scenario of the 50% taxpayer in St. Louis, versus the 13% legal liability of the Romneys.

    No commentator so states the matter! No Tea Party sites so states the matter. The RNC does not so-state!

    The St. Louis entrepreneur is getting broadsided by regressive state and local taxes. That taxpayer would not be affected by the Obama tax increase. But then in return, that taxpayer is even being told to not expect too much from the Romney tax cut--at least in Ohio(?)!

    So far the Tea Party faction knows absolutely nothing about what the Romney plan proposes. No commentator knows if the Romneys would benefit or lose out, in the plan. Tea Party sites do not comment on what the Romneys would get or lose, in the plan. The RNC knows not what the Romneys would gain or lose with the plan!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Maybe little marks on paper bad medicine for the business-owners after all(?)! This has actually happened before, in America!)

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