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    ....hiding scandals and failures of the Left.

    1. "The Rule of Seven is an old marketing adage. It says that a prospect needs to see or hear your marketing message at least seven times before they take action and buy from you."
    What is the Rule of Seven? And how will it improve your marketing? :: The Baby Boomer Entrepreneur

    The value of the media being a wholly owned subsidiary of Liberalism is that it is very difficult for the electorate to be mindful of their unending string of failures: if they mention them at all, it won't be seven times.

    a. "Abu Ghraib Front Page of NY Times 47 Times" Flashback: Abu Ghraib Front Page of NY Times 47 Times

    2. Currently, "the cause" is global warming, and the global warming industry. Early on, the plan was to use government to provide political rewards to Enron, BP, and other important players in the industry for purchasing uneconomic properties such as windmills and solar panels. Jeffrey Imelt's GE Wind (GE's onshore and offshore wind turbines, wind power generation systems and wind energy technology) was previously Enron Wind. Enron's solar venture became BP's.

    a. BP moved on from solar after the failure of Obama's cap-and-trade legislation.

    3. The plan was for these large companies to underwrite the fantasies and campaigns of Liberal politicians and envirofascist pressure groups, sharing a pro-statist agenda of central control and managed scarity. You might recognize the same themes in ObamaCare.

    4. Unlike terms like 'Abu Ghraib,' which maintained a life of its own, the term 'cap-and-trade' seems to have all but vanished. Sure seemed important when Left-wing lawmakers were voting to wipe out the jobs of so many in the name of environmentally meaningless but economically depressing dogma. They hid the failure with the new bumper-sticker 'the clean energy economy,' just as 'global warming' was reborn as 'climate change.'
    The Left sure does understand marketing.

    a. Obama: "make clean energy the profitable kind of energy in America." Obama Vows Support for Renewables -- and a Carbon Cap -

    5. "Specifically, after enacting their scheme, Enron and the others would frolic in a gusher of revenues from artificial markets and wealth transfers, all at the expense of the unsuspecting taxpayer and electricity ratepayer. And the overall economy."
    Horner, "The Liberal War on Transparency," p. 10.

    a. "...internal Enron documents were later passed to me elaborating on Enron's close relationship with the Clinton-Gore administration to jointly promote the agenda- which included an Oval Office meeting with the president and vice-president on August 4, 1997, at which Enron CEO Ken Lay advised them (successfully) to ignore unanimous Senate instruction under the Constitution's "advice and consent" clause, and agree to the Kyoto Protocol anyway." Horner, Op. Cit., p. 12.

    6. So....a) while the media seemingly were excited, and even activist, about "the cause," global warming, they never bothered to seek the facts;
    b) they chose one side in the political 'narrative,' and stuck to the dogma;
    c) clearly, Clinton was acting to further Enron's wished, even signing the Kyoto treaty (November 1998);
    d)...yet the press continued to hammer Bush for refusing to do so in 2001, claiming that he didn't do so to help his 'buddies' at Enron.

    Mainstream Media Did Not Break Even One of Four Obama Scandals

    So...not only playing down the failures of the Left.....we have a media that actually that sees as its icon George Orwell, rather than Peter Zenger.

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