The Return of Ethnic Cleansing

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    Blame this one on Biden, too:

    As bad as Hussein’s Arab Spring empowering the Muslim Brotherhood is —— you can add today’s Bosnia to the host of reasons this country was damned lucky Biden never replaced him.

    During the 2008 presidential campaign, Biden said that he was the catalyst to change the circumstance in Bosnia led by President Clinton. True, or untrue, he was claiming he was the guy who told Bill Clinton what to do in Bosnia. If true, Biden told Clinton to use NATO forces to bomb Christians. I recall the Luftwaffe took part in the bombings. Wherever he is Reichsmarschall Goring must have smiled when the first bomb fell from a Luftwaffe bomber.


    Incidentally, Biden later watered down his catalyst comment. I assume Clinton wanted full credit for his Balkan Adventures.

    The mouth that never stops regurgitating was trying to show that Sarah Palin lacked foreign policy experience. He was right in one sense. Sarah did not have Biden’s unblemished record of always being wrong about foreign policy.

    If you are not prone to dizzy spells read the WAPO article from 2008:

    Biden Played Less Than Key Role in Bosnia Legislation
    By Glenn Kessler Washington Post Staff Writer
    Tuesday, October 7, 2008

    Biden Played Less Than Key Role in Bosnia Legislation

    Does Biden still want a chunk of the credit for the mess in the former Yugoslavia? I would answer yes. He was dumb enough to take credit for Clinton’s Balkan War policy when the only thing it did was put two angry cats in a sack. But then Biden has always been the kind of cluck who would brag about designing leaky lifeboats for the Titanic.

    Hussein picked Biden for a running mate because of his foreign policy expertise; so it is a good bet Biden still thinks he is a foreign policy genius.

    And I don’t know why anybody should be surprised at what is happening in Bosnia. I’ve always known where killing Christians to save Muslims would end, and I’m just an average joe with no access to the stuff Biden got when he was the leading blowhard in the Senate.

    Also, Madeleine Albright gets a piece of the blame:

    To this day Madame Short-Legs smirks with pride when she talks about the Dayton Peace Accords. After all, peace put an end to ethnic cleansing. Or did it:

    About that big NATO success in Bosnia ...
    Christians now fleeing Islam, organized crime, radical groups
    Published: 1 day ago

    About that big NATO success in Bosnia …

    Question: Has anyone seen Albright on TV wailing about ethnic cleansing now that Muslims are doing the cleansing?

    Mad Madeleine, the second biggest loser from the Clinton years (Al Gore was the biggest), always admitted that Kosovo was a “problem.” That’s a telling admission coming from the person who, to this day, swears that Clinton’s Balkan War policy was a howling success story.

    Let me remind everyone that the conflict in the Balkans was not about one group exterminating another group. Genocide was the guilt trip used to justify Clinton’s Balkan Adventures —— ethnic cleansing was the popular phrase of the day but genocide was the message. Both were misleading. The civil war in Bosnia was about Christians separating themselves from Muslims. Christians saw separation as the only road to a lasting peace in the region; hence, they forced Muslims to leave; to go live in Muslim countries.

    Separation can hardly be called a bad policy in light of Muslims infiltrating countries around the world. The beauty in separation is that an enemy cannot work from within a country they would convert to their beliefs.

    Partition in India was the first attempt to separate antagonists before the violence got out of hand. India and Pakistan may not get along as well as globalists would like, but think what that part of the world would be today without Partition.

    You might also harken back to the Ottoman Empire. Would not separation have been better than Turkish Muslims slaughtering two million Armenian Christians?

    Driving Muslims out of non-Muslim countries will come just as Muslims are driving Christians out of Bosnia. Happily, separation is not the terrible crime the global government crowd calls it. Separating groups antagonistic toward one another has more chance of bringing about long-term peace than does a government forcing disparate groups to live together. If living together does not come about naturally, or at least non-violently, it will always end in genocide of one kind or another. The dominant group will do it as a matter of self-defense, or the group trying to takeover will do it if they succeed.

    Bottom Line: Had Biden/Clinton/Albright et al., minded their own goddamned business the Balkans would not be on the verge of an all-out religious war today.
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