The Other Debate.........The Beheading One!

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    There was quite an interesting debate reporte in the media last week. No, not that one. I am referring to the debate in the mUslim world on whether it i permissble under islamic theological teachings to seize and behead hostages. The best reporting on the beheading debate can be found in a Sunday article by the Iranian, Paris-based commentator Amir Taheri in the Wall St. Journals' website, (The following quotes come from Mr Taheri's report.)

    This debate was triggered by the killings of the schoolchildren in Beslan, Russia. According to Mr Taheri's reporting, most Muslim scholars opposed the killings (called exhibition killings in Muslim theology) noit because it violated religious guidelines but for the political reason that because Russia had supported the Palestinian cause, they did not deserve to have their children killed.

    "Sheik Yussuf al-Qaradawi, a Sunni Muslum scholar based in Qatar, was among the first to condemn the Beslan massacre. At the same time, however, he insists that a similar attack on Israeli schoolchildren, if not killed, could grow up to become soldiers (Sheik Qaradawi also justifies the killing of unborn Israelis becasue, if born, they could become soldiers.)"

    The French government well understands this perverted policy of Muslim clerics and ploticians of beheading Americans, Israelis and other enemies, but not Frenchmen. As Mr. Taheri reports:

    "The French authorities have reinforced that sentiment.
    (French) Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin speaks of the Iraqi insurgency as "la resistance." And (French) Foreign Minister Michel Barnier has announced that France would reject the international conference on Iraq, proposed by the Bush administration, unless "elements opposed to the occupation, "meaning the terrorists, are invited."
    All of which brings me back to the other debate between George Bush and John Kerry on foreign policy last Thursday. The essence of Mr kerry's claim for the presidency is that: whether or not he supported the war, whether or not he thinks it was a mistake, whether or not he thinks wwe are much better off with Saddam out of power and in prison, he John Kerry, being much smarter than George Bush and having policies grounded in reality rather than fantasy is better able to win the Iraqi war and protect Americans from terrorism.

    The first, and most advertised part of Mer kerry's four-part plan to win the war in Iraq is to hold a summit amongst Arab and European leaders, which would lead to a true internationalization of our effort. I think it is fair to assume that Mr Kerry would not exclude the French or the Arab league from that summit.

    This is why Kerry MUST NOT win this election!!!!!!!!!!!

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