The new anti-gun approach--blame the salesmen.

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    Gun shop manager who sold firearms to Stephen Paddock speaks out

    "Feel any guilt about what happened?" CBS News correspondent DeMarco Morgan asked.

    "Just knowing that this may have been his last stop before heading to Las Vegas, does that make you feel some type of way? Sort of responsible?" Morgan asked.

    Fuck DeMarco Morgan. That is complete bullshit.

    Should the truck salesman feel guilty for selling the trucks that terrorists used to run over a bunch of people in London? This is why WE MUST NEVER PASS ANY LAWS in response to this tragedy. The only thing that will be acceptable is repeal of the NFA and all other gun laws.

    Fortunately, the saleman/manager responded correctly.

    "I don't. No," Sullivan said. "We do everything right. ... We can't control what someone does once they leave this store."

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