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    D.C. Watson:

    Date: October 8, 2005
    Place: Columbus Dispatch News Publication

    Metal band Voidgazer's vocalist, and fellow beer swilling anti-Jihadist Kevin Montavon has just forwarded me a copy of an article from the Faith & Values section of the October 7, 2005 edition of the Columbus Dispatch entitled 'Islam’s Outreach,' written by Felix Hoover. The piece is well written, and offers details into the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

    The column thoroughly describes an interfaith gathering, including 'future leaders of Ohio farm and food industries', who visited 'Congregation Tifereth Israel' for an overview of Judaism, before heading to an Islamic center for 'an overview of Islam,' conducted by Abdonasser Abdouni, 'acting vice president of the Islamic Foundation of Central Ohio.'

    People of different faiths getting together to learn of each other's beliefs. Sounds reasonable enough. Sorry, but you didn't actually think that you were going to get away with reading a story about Islam without experiencing the input of our friends at the Council on American Islamic Relations, did you? After all, this was an 'interfaith' gathering, and we know what can happen at those events.

    Ohio pork farmers and distributors beware.

    Now the CAIR factor of this story chimes in. Ahmad al Akhras, who is named in the column as the 'president of the council,' was apparently singing the same old drab, predictable CAIR melodies, stating the following: 'our biggest enemy is ignorance.' 'We need the larger community to feel they have Muslim brothers and sisters living among them.' 'Personal relationships enable intercultural education and help promote the notion that the face of America is not just Judeo-Christian, but Judeo-Christian-Islamic.'

    Judeo-Christian-Islamic? Since when? What of our nation's culture and values are Islamic in origin? What contribution has Islam made in the United States to deserve such a distinction? The spokespersons for this small religious minority in America have, over the past decade, done nothing but succeed in creating controversy and making a screeching racket over far too many ridiculously petty issues. The unmitigated gall of al Akhras' remarks are the perfect example of undermining and freeloading, and indicate a desire to jump on the American bandwagon without lifting a finger to earn their spot.

    Jumping on the bandwagon not with the intentions to join it, but with intentions to change it. Do we ever hear of Hindu or Buddhist organizations in America admitting that their goal is to change the face of America from Judeo-Christian to Judeo-Christian-Hindu, or Judeo-Christian-Buddhist?

    Nevertheless, as millions already know, this is merely a smoke screen. CAIR has publicly made its intentions very clear before. They want a Judeo-Christian-Islamic nation alright, minus the Judeo and the Christian.

    "Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faiths, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America , and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth." - Omar Ahmad co-founder: Council on American Islamic Relations

    "I wouldn't want to create the impression that I wouldn't like the government of the United States to be Islamic sometime in the future..." - Ibrahim Hooper spokesperson: Council on American Islamic Relations

    These words have been heard around the world, but bear repeating at every opportunity.

    As the article continues, al-Akhras offers up a 'Muslim generosity' sales pitch, expressing that: 'when Hurricane Katrina struck, it didn’t discriminate in the lives and property it destroyed.' 'The Muslim pledge of $10 million for emergency relief indicates that adherents of Islam are as compassionate as the Christians, Jews and others who responded to the natural disaster.'

    $10 million, wasn't that the initial amount or close to it that the oil rich Saudi Arabian cheapskates pledged to the Tsunami victims? Isn't that the amount of the check that former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani handed back to Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal (because of his unsolicited, asinine comments blaming U.S. foreign policy and its support for Israel as the reason for the 9/11 Muslim attacks on America )?

    Under normal circumstances, generous people who give, do so from their hearts. They demonstrate class, and don't go around boasting in public about the dollar amounts they've donated. But then again, demonstrating class has never been one of CAIR's endearing qualities, now has it?

    Money can't buy you love here, Islamist jackass.

    Look well to the Internet for news that could save your way of life. Pertinent information about the CAIR organization, aided by anemic politicians and common sense hating mainstream media outlets, continues to be unfairly kept from the American public. More importantly, those who listen to the words spoken by some of these so-called 'prominent Muslims' in America should listen with caution and with an open mind, because all is not what it appears to be.

    Extra, extra, read all about it!

    It is not 'ignorance' that is Islam's greatest enemy in America , as al Akhras suggested. Islam's greatest enemy in the United States are those who have been permitted to represent it: Islamic militants posing as moderates.

    Perhaps the Muslim community in the U.S. will one day realize that it would benefit greatly by disassociating itself from organizations such as this who attempt to guilt and intimidate people into accepting Islam, which does nothing but generate hostility, resentment and defiance. This is the United States of America , and no one tells the people of this country what to do. Live here the way we live, or live somewhere else. Savvy?
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    Excellent find. I've noticed since 9/11, that everytime there is mention of church/synagogs 'mosques' are now added. Now that wouldn't be a bad thing, if it didn't seem like suddenly everyone is going out of their way to avoid offending the terrorists amongst the more mainstream believers. It all started with 'Islam is a peaceful religion...'

    For some reason, it seems we are moving down that slippery slope of Europe and the banning of all sorts of stupid things, that have zip to do with the real problems-be they with our government or the misuse of the Islam religion.
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    "This kind of freedom cannot be tolerated"
    --European Imam, on a depiction of Mohammed in a newspaper

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