The killing of ambassador in Libya

Discussion in 'Conspiracy Theories' started by hunterGunter, Oct 12, 2012.

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    That tragedy when the US ambassador to Libya was killed seems to be rather strange... Frankly speaking, I'm unable to understand how that could happen! In fact, Stevens had been reporting to Washington about the necessity to strengthen the embassy guard because of the crescent Gaddafi loyalists' threat for several month before he was killed. Instead of bolstering the embassy by reinforcements, Washington was permanently reducing the number of solders. It seems like Christopher Stevens was betrayed. Yes, I do understand everything... I know the geopolitical interests exist... but they have no right to consider US citizens to be the dead meat!
    However the hunt season after Americans is open. People are just murdered in the streets of Libyan cities. Today it's dangerous to confess you're an American when you're abroad...

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