The kid glove treatment of the pres by the press has set him up for failure...

Discussion in 'Election Forums' started by koshergrl, Oct 4, 2012.

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    "President Obama doesn’t tend to do too well in non-teleprompted, high-pressure confrontational situations, the irony being that he’s been so softened by a media establishment that hasn’t dared to even think of questioning his supposedly formidable intellect for years. Oh, the nerve of Mitt Romney, having done so much darn practicing and preparation before last night’s debate — and it’s a damn good thing he did, too. As Tom Brokaw put it on MSNBC, if Romney had performed as badly as President Obama did last night, “it would have been over.”

    He quite literally, has made the colossal mistake of believing his own press.

    And Romney is not a guy to fail to take advantage of that.

    Of course, most of us have known since Obama came onto the scene as an inexperienced, arrogant, coddled and propped up darling of the left that he was nothing but a lefty figurehead and empty suit..

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