The Hunt of the Unicorn

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    The Hunt of the Unicorn: 1 more reason to stop in NYC on my next trip back east: Unicorn Tapestries

    the tapestries have been cleaned since my last visit there. I used to visit quite often.

    The Hunt of the Unicorn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The tapestries were owned by the La Rochefoucauld family of France for several centuries. John D. Rockefeller, Jr. bought them in 1922 for about one million United States dollars and donated them to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1937. They now hang in The Cloisters which houses the museum's medieval collection.[3]

    Beginning in 1998, the tapestries were cleaned and restored. In the process, the linen backing was removed, the tapestries were bathed in water, and it was discovered that the colors on the back were in even better condition than those on the front (which are also quite vivid).

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