The Great American Spirit and Heart.

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by rcajun90, Sep 24, 2005.

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    In case any power workers or their families might happen to read this board, I wanted them to know how much we appreciated their work here on the Northshore. I saw trucks from Georgia, Ohio, South Carolina and basically all over the United States. These men worked with amazing determination and speed to get our power up. I know most of us have experienced lost of power for a few hours but imagine weeks. I know some will say they were just doing their jobs but they put their hearts into it to help their fellow Americans in time of need. It was more than just doing a job. Linemen were treated like heros and gods around here. We all waved to them passing very slowly by them and thanked them. If you saw a utility truck you pulled over like you would do for an ambulance. It is simply amazing how fast they did their work. I will forever be appreciative. I'm sure they a positioning to invade Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana to work their magic again. Some of these guys worked 16 hour shifts doing a job that is dangerous under the best of circumstances. Bless you guys and again thank you.

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