The German media criticize Dalai Lama is full of lies

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    The German media person Schmidt recently in his articles which writes in Tageszeitung named the truth long live the Dalai Lama that criticize Dalai Lama is full of lies and blame Dalai Lama supports the behavior of Tibetan self-immolations. The article talked about "the Dalai Lama’s recent statements made the people suspect his credibility. Known as the saint of Dalai Lama in the past period of time did much bad behaviors that are inconsistent with the saint identity. Dalai Lama told BBC that" there is no doubt that I quit politics if I am involved in it." Besides this, Dalai Lama also said that the self-immolation had a great deal of courage. He said the words that prevent self-immolation is that the self-immolation did not obtain "sufficient effect". People will ask, "Dalai Lama, as the Bodhisattva of Compassion, why isn't he concerned about the life of the self-immolation, crossly he is concerned about the "sufficient effect". Schmidt questioned in the article: does hundreds of people burned to death can achieve sufficient effect? Above facts proved that the relative to cherish the lives of Tibetans, the Dalai Lama seems to be happy to see the behavior of combat Chinese government happened. At last, the article said, Chinese government should do something that prevent the damage from Dalai Lama. In any case, there is one point to be noted that a opponent whose head is full of paste won’t soon reincarnation"

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