The final solution to the USA's problems.

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    1) End Constitutional law. This stops the problems associated with individuality & makes the populace a communal whole that lives & breathes to support the elite that thinks for us 'worker bees'.

    2) End elections for government officials. This would end wasted time politicing as a permanent dynasty would be put into place.

    3) End the ownership of personal property. This would stop class envy dead in it's tracks among the worker bee class as the dynasty owns everything including the worker bees very thoughts.

    4) End individual desires. Here the dynasty simply educates the worker bees from the time of birth to think of serving only the dynasty's needs & desires.

    The above 4 criteria simply eliminate the problems associated with individuality. The dynasty or government becomes the worker bees God. Those that don't make God happy are simple classified by the dynasty as "Defective Units" & are quickly liquidated so they don't cause a disruption to the process. The worker bees no longer have to worry about employment for they are assigned employment. They are told who they can associate with & who they can procreate with. Productivity would be way up as a working day for a worker bee would be at least fourteen hours to keep the dynasty wealthy with material goods.
    No more strife & grief. Taxes would be gone as the worker bees are now the tax. National security is no problem either as the worker bees are all trained military & are kept busy nation building when their not working to provide material wealth for the dynasty. Quality of life is no problem either as all worker bees enjoy the same work load to provide for the all important dynasty. Joy is found in work & worship of the elite dynasty. Free health care, free worship of the dynasty, free labor & most important of all... no class envy!
    Everyone would wear the same clothes & hairstyles, enjoy the same music & appear the same in looks. There would be no divorce or child support for their would be no mates or marriage, only producing offspring for the benefit of the dynasty. The right/left battles of today would be gone. The super part of it all is the right minded would finally have a God to worship... in the flesh no less, & the left minded would have it's womb to the tomb big government to take care of them.
    What could be better?!!! An undivided nation where everyone is happy to give all they got to the dynasty so they will be taken care of! The best part of it all is the horrors of individuality would finally be gone. Think it's not possible??? Just check out the link below to see for yourself how wonderful a dynasty really is...

    [ame=]Total Deutschland - New Paradise (Bukkake Remix) - YouTube[/ame]

    BIG government... don't leave home without it!

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