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    Analyst warns eligibility could become flashpoint


    Analyst warns eligibility could become flashpoint
    'It is morphing now to include members of the armed forces'

    Who's the analyst?

    Lyle Rapacki, a former police officer.

    Does that sound like an analyst to you?

    Obviously the purpose of this article is to back up their claims that Obama's eligibility is a major issue (even though Hawii has certified his original birth certificate as being authentic and we've all seen his short form birth certificate). Unfortunately this source is not very credible.

    A quick Google search of this buffoon shows me that WND's standards are very poor.

    Witchvox Article

    This guy seems to lie about his credentials all the time. Basically, the guy is far right-wing ultra conservative cop. Not even that good of one.

    It's surprising to me to see WND's standards for someone to back-up their overall opinion being so low.

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