The devide and conquer policy

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    objective since they broke away from the Sunni's 1400 year ago.
    the sunnis and shia card you are playing no longer works. trying to make the sunnis and the shia fear each other and get busy with fighting each other so they will leave america and israel alone...thats not gonna happen. your devide and conquer policy has been exposed by many sunni and shia clerics years ago.

    the bombings and the crimes that take place in iraq are never done by a muslim group against the other. they are done by criminal atheist hired by america and israel to destroy the unity of the Muslims in Iraq and other Muslim countries.
    Shia and Sunni TV channels warn all Muslims on a daily basis against your conspiracy.
    the religious differences we have never make us enemies. we are united regardless of our beliefs and if we were divided you would not be bringing the sunni and shia thing but you want us to fight. people now are more aware than before of how the rotten american and israeli minds work.

    I was born and raised in Saudi which is a Sunni country. i live in an area where the majority of people are Sunnis. i studied the Sunni beliefs in Sunni Saudi schools. i have Sunni friends. the Sunnis are my brothers and sisters. we are ONE family. what hurts the Sunnis hurts me and what makes them happy makes me happy.

    the Shia here in Saudi celebrated the victory of the Egyptians who are Sunnis and we still support them because we are all muslims.

    one of my friends is married to a sunni guy from Riyadh. they have five children now and living in america because he studies there. they are deeply in love and have never felt they are different. the american and israel attempts to devide the muslims never affected them.

    the Muslim groups are different from your christian groups. in america each church defames the other so that it gets the highest number of attendants.

    Muslims dont do that. i can go to Sunni mosques. the Shia mosques will not scold me for doing that.

    and before you talk about muslim history i suggest you read your
    history which you dont know anything about.
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    I think you'll find reverence a universal human attribute no more or less applicable in America , than it would be in your country moonlite

    The only sorts opting to truly divide anyone are those who would opine otherwise

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