The Demonization of the "Other"

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    Leaders (political or other) have been doing this for millenia. There is almost a genetic or instinctual ease with which people feel xenophobic about those who are different from them and recently many politicians have been exploiting this.

    Just how prevalent is it?

    If you're a conservative, and I say (as a liberal) that I don't think Islam is any worse than Christianity. Do you believe me? Or because I'm a liberal do you feel some, if only a twinge, of distrust? Is it that I'm an American, a former Marine (not Ex, former) that comes first for you, or that I'm liberal?

    If you're a liberal and a conservative says that they don't discriminate against homosexuals or illegal immigrants, do you believe them? Or do you believe they are either blind to their own dogmas or outright lying?

    FNC and MSNBC have gone along for the ride with this crap. I hear Obama speaking about how there aren't Democrats and Republicans but Americans. Does that seem dishonest to conservatives? Does it seems sincere to liberals? To me, I think he means it, but that's because that is exactly how I feel.

    There are many conservatives who have been demonizing Muslims. There are many liberals who are demonizing Christians. I've known few Muslims, but those that I did become acquainted with were extremely nice, modest people. I've known lots of Christians, and only a few weren't what I would consider "good folks".

    I've known many liberals, and some of'em were scum. I've known many conservatives, and some of them were scum. But most liberals and conservatives that I've known were really good people.

    If this gap continues to widen, if politicians and other leaders continue to demonize the other side, and all of US continue to fall for it... Well, I can only assume that these wise words will only be true: United we stand, divided we fall.

    Stop hating eachother. We're all Americans, we're all human beings. We all share this life, so we might as well work together to make it as good a life as we can.

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