The Democrat Party is Broken

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    Special Note: Standard and Poors is under tremendous secret political pressure from the Soetoro administration to reverse the AA+ downgrade back to that of AAA. Look for that reversal in the coming days.

    President Barry Hussein Soetoro has looked into the mirror of American politics and can’t distinguish whether that line he sees on this face is a scar or a crack in the mirror.
    Impetuously and due to his well-documented narcissism, he concludes that there couldn’t be anything flawed in himself so the mirror must be broken.

    Thus, the president’s pronouncement that our politics are broken amid the fact that his political worldview is crumbling all around him yet he lifts his skinny skeletal arm and points his worn and boney finger of blame at yet another American institution, which he supposes, requires his brand of fundamental change, America’s politics. (see article) Creating Orwellian Worldview

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