The CIA, FBI, Pentagon and Islamic Terrorists?

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    Here are some interesting sources everyone should try to read...

    1)...Mary Ann Weaver, "Foreign Affairs: Blowback", THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY, May, 1996...she gives a history of the US and CIA involvment with the Islamic militants all the way back to the CIAs support of the mujahideen in Afghanistan and their fight with the Soviets...this includes the CIAs relationship with Sheik Omar Abdul Rahman and bin Laden and the CIAs asssistance to the Sheik in obtaining a tourist visa to enter the US...the Sheik was convicted in the 1993 WTC bombing.......

    2)......the Nov. 26, 2001, p.1, WALL STREET JOURNAL, article on army sergeant, Ali Mohamed, at Fort Bragg, NC and his paramilitary training of 5 Arab men in 1989 who would later be convicted in the 1993 WTC bombing...Mr. Mohamed was an informant of the FBI and had worked as a laison for the CIA...Mr. Mohamed was linked to El Nosair who murdered Rabbi Kahane...he was linked to Sheik Omar(who was worried the FBI was bugging him...they were)(a landmark article)(get a copy)

    3)...the NEW YORK TIMES, Oct. 28, 1993, p. 1, article on the FBI having bugged the plotters and having advance knowledge of the 1993 WTC bombing and wanted to substitute harmless powder for the explosives...the FBI did not stop it...Emad Salem was the informer tried to report to FBI headquarters the agent would not let him...?

    4)...A NEWSWEEK, June 10, 2002, p. 22, article on the CIA using Malaysian security to photograph Nawaf Alhazmi and Khalid Almihdhar(2 of the 9.11 terrorists) at a Malaysian summit in Jan 2000...the CIA tracked Alhazmi to the US...the CIA was watching these terrorists overseas, but lost them in the US...i dont believe this...! A wiretap was placed by US intelligence on the phone line at the main logistics center in Yemen...where bin Laden relayed orders to other Islamists before 9.11

    5) WALL STREET JOURNAL, July 12, 2005... on the influence the CIA had with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Brotherhood's influence in France, Britain, and Germany...the WALL STREET JOURNAL of July 11, 2005, July 14, 2005, and the more important landmark article of July 12, 2005...titled..."How a Mosque for EX-Nazis Became Center of Radical Islam"...How the CIA in a plan to fight the Soviets moved to gain control of the Muslim Brotherhood and other muslim organizations in Germany ...after WWII the CIA set up Amcomlib...(American Committee for Liberation from Bolshevism) to further their ties with individuals that could influence the movement...Ibrahim Gacaoglu...Said Ramadan who married the daughter of Hasan al-Banna the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood...a very interesting read...on how the CIA moved in to influence and control the Muslim Brotherhood...

    6) THE WASHINGTON TIMES, Sept. 20, 2005...Able Danger, is the code-name for the top secret military ops and intelligence unit of the Pentagon that tracked the 9.11 terrorist over 1 year before the actual assault on the twin towers. Rep. Curt Weldon of Pennsylvania broke the story on June 27, by delivering a speech on the House floor. Senator Arlen Specter :whip3: held Hearings on September 21, before the Senate Judiciary Committee, but the main witnesses, were prevented from testifying...the October 5 Hearings were cancelled...when will the new Hearings be scheduled...? ...

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