The Boston Tea Party Was Bad, Abraham Lincoln Was Worse, ("The Reagan Trajectory")!

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    The Old Fat White People, Cavorting About Naked On Other People's Yachts, Dumping Sustance And Other Treasure Into The Sea: Are The Wrong Concept (Especially At This Time)!

    Let anyone retrace what has the GOP upset. The Stimulus of famous, "Hell No!"

    One Third of the Ivy League Obama Stimulus went to support the state and local government employees, and teachers who caused it all. No Public Works initiatives were created in that spending.

    One Third of the Obama Ivy League Stimulus went to tax relief, to make up for lost spending from the downturn. No Public Works initiatives were created in those non-spending events.

    One Third of the Obama Ivy League Stimulus went to small scale projects mostly known to contractors familiar with FedBizOpps. That kind of spending takes time and is uneven. It started to kick in only just before the mid-term elections.

    Putting the roofs on the crappers in the park at Mammoth Lakes resort in California did get prioritized, in that spending.

    And so there it was: The Stimulus!

    Mostly it is done. So in the Sprit of Abraham Lincoln--even upon the ravaged land in Japan--what does the GOP intend to take away and replace it with? Everything With Nothing(?)! Take Away Everything, and Give Nothing Back: Is What Has Even CNBC all agog and atwitless(?)!

    Material Creatures don't live like that: Even whey they are female and can sing(?)!

    There is a GOP-Oriented Chamber of Commerce, even: Which is opposed to having customers in the stores doing spending.

    Cutting Spending further makes as much sense as Old, Fat, White People--Cavorting About Naked On Other Peoples Yachts, dumping substance and other treasure into the sea.

    The Tea Party GOP makes sense like that!

    The "Reagan Trajectory," Of Obama-Ivy-League-Entrepreneurial-Sprit: Itself was federally funded with the deficits!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Many young braves find wild ponies--clothed like them(?)! History records that Many English dressed like young braves(?))
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