The Beatles Rock Band

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    My nephew got for his birthday yesterday and we blew through the entire song list! What a hoot! It's EXTREMELY well done and I highly recommend it as hours of entertainment!

    Some key things I learned yesterday: I cannot play the drums to save my life. I have no idea how people coordinate using their feet to hit the cymbal when the little bar comes across the screen, I tried using my left foot, then my right foot until I finally threw the sticks away in frustration. Of course, my son had to sit down at the drums move it up a few notches to expert (did I forget to mention I had it set on "easy"?) and consistently score 95+.

    But far and away, the most amazing thing was that I sung "Dear Prudence" and got a 99. I was one of these kids who in elementary school was told during music class "Stand in back of the class and move your lips to the word, I don't want to hear you sing" Yes, I had a sadistic music teacher but I've come to terms with it; I hope she's finally at peace down in the depths of the pit where devils continue to stick her with flaming pitchforks for all Eternity.
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