"The 1996 Default Of The U. S. Federal Government," (Rhymes With Fudd)

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    (Bill Clinton For President)
    February 29, 1992

    Dear Philip,

    "Thank you for your thorough and helpful briefing on the 1996 default of the U. S. Federal Government. Depression is certainly due proper attention and timely action. I have turned your information over to my staff for review and study. . . ."

    Bill Clinton

    So you knew this already!

    New plan: Raise debt ceiling a little - Dec. 15, 2009

    What exactly did come after "The Reagan Trajectory," of The Great, "Entrepreneurial Spirit?"

    John 10::10 applies, along with Matthew 25::14-30, in the context and backdrop of Matthew 20::1-16.

    The European Socialists were themselves sufficiently clueless: To eventually go out of business, in the former Soviet Bloc. That was their version of collapse. In the interim time-frames: (1) There went Japan, (2) There went Argentina, (3) There went Indonesia, (4) And then came Bush II, Terms I and II.

    (And, "There You Go, Again!" Comes To Mind! "I Paid For This Microphone(?)!"

    A Carol, Just In Time For Year-End Holidays, If any!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken Not Stirred!"
    (What! Me Worry!?! And With Joe Lieberman In Charge, After All!)
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