Thanks Darrell, Rick and Rush - 1992 "Year of the Woman" Redux

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    The Year of the Woman Voter

    by Ellen R. Malcolm (Ellen Malcolm is President of EMILY's List.)
    The following article and the accompanying chart of voters by year and sex,
    by Ellen Malcolm, President of EMILY'S List, demonstrates that in 1992
    women voters turned out in record numbers. This was "The Year of the Women".
    Women voters, dismayed by the all-male panel of senators at the Thomas nomination
    hearings went to the polls the next year in record numbers.

    In 1992 more than 60 million women voted, helping to elect 24 new women to the
    House and five to the Senate, the largest increase in history. When 16 million of these
    women voters chose to stay home on election day 1994, Republicans
    gained control of the Congress for the first time in 40 years. Now these same women
    voters are poised to play a decisive role in the outcome of both the presidential and
    congressional contests.

    The Year of the Woman

    So, thank you Darrell Issa, Rick Santorum and Rush Limbaugh....The Three Stooges Redux

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