Testament of dictator Joseph Dzhugashvili (nicknames : koba, butcher, stalin) why Dzhugasvili hated

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    Testament of dictator Joseph Dzhugashvili (nicknames : koba, butcher, stalin) why Dzhugasvili hated the Jews so much? is this Testament real, or a fake? why Muscovite promote it so much nowadays?

    " Testament of Stalin (draft fragments)

    ... After my death, a lot of garbage will be applied to my grave, but the time will come and will sweep it away. I have never been a true revolutionary, my whole life is an ongoing struggle against Zionism, whose goal is to establish a new world order under the rule of the Jewish bourgeoisie ... To achieve this, they need to destroy the USSR, Russia, destroy the Faith, turn the Russian sovereign people into rootless cosmopolitans.

    To confront their plans can only Empire. There will be no it - Russia will perish, the World will perish ... Enough utopias. It is impossible to invent anything better than monarchy, and therefore it is not necessary. I always admired the genius and greatness of the Russian tsars. From autocracy, we nowhere to go. But the dictator must change the autocrat. When the time comes.

    The only place on earth where we can be together is Russia. Reforms are inevitable, but in due time. And these should be organic, evolutionary, tradition-based reforms, with the gradual restoration of Orthodox self-consciousness. They are based on realism and common sense. Very soon, wars over territories will be replaced by “cold” wars — for resources and energy. You need to be prepared for this. Mastering new types of energy should be a priority for our scientists. Their success is a guarantee of our independence in the future. An army can be strong only when it enjoys the exclusive care and love of the people and the Government. This is the greatest moral strength of the Army, a guarantee of its invincibility. Army must love and cherish!

    I'm lonely. Russia is a colossal country, and there is not a single decent person around ... The old generation is totally infected with Zionism, all our hope is for the youth. It is time to declare a new crusade against the Internationale, and only the new Russian Order will be able to lead it, the creation of which needs to be started immediately. Remember: the world does not need a strong Russia, no one will help us, you can only rely on your own strength.

    I did what I could. I hope you do more and better. Be worthy of the memory of our great ancestors.

    January-February 1953

    Joseph Stalin"

    Stalin and antisemitism - Wikipedia

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