Tax or borrow?

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    Reaganomics. the Reagan revolution, and simple propaganda began the brainwashing of Americans and that brainwashing worked like a charm.

    Cut taxes made everybody happy because we're all greedy. What Reagan left out of his message is America will borrow instead and flood the economy with money by wasting the money on defense.

    We outspent the Russians because they had no access to borrow. Joe Stalin was a frightening person who I would not want to try to collect a debt from.

    The brainwashing propaganda that never ends will always question the ridiculous contention that cutting taxes stimulates the economy. If that tax money wasn't replaced by borrowed money the economy would have dropped off a cliff in 1981 & 1982. It was the injection of more than $1 trillion that paid for the party. America had a big party and the VOODOO economics was put in its grave forever.

    America is a swamp filled with the brain dead, brainwashed propagandized. No one can be this dumb. Its so tempting to call ridiculous statements, "stupid".

    The brainwashed are in denial and it really pisses them off to be called brainwashed. Therefore they refuse to have their behavior examined. Its exactly the same as going into a casino and telling each customer they have a gambling problem. Not one of them will even consider that possibility. They all believe they can get even, they can beat the house. The few card counters who really know how to beat the house are always thrown out as soon as the detectives catch them winning.

    The brain dead, brainwashed are never going to be winners. That's why the income gap keeps growing wider and wider. The middle class keeps shrinking. America is doomed. Don't say "doomed" to the brainwashed because they will retaliate with "patriotism". Just like the Nazi propaganda kept telling Germans they were the super race, the American propaganda claims Americans are the super race. Now that we elected a Black president we have achieved the miracle because they claim we have come a long way.

    What about Jackie Robinson? It turned out that he was a spectacular player. That never mattered. Obama is a liar and an idiot who filled his cabinets with the same people who destroyed America. Oh, but he went to Harvard, he can't be an idiot. Bush went to Yale, so what. Bush is a psychopath who got caught with one lie after the next getting America to attack Iraq. He gave tax cuts for his base too. Where's the prosperity?

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