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    Since they have no program or real proposals (except tax cuts for the rich) the RNC is looking for new words to replace their lack of action. It went from class warfare to class envy, now it will go from socialism to fascism.

    Bunch of loser who have lost their way.

    [QUOTERhetorically, Republicans are having a very hard time finding something that raises the consciousness of the average voter,” said Saul Anuzis, a former chairman of the Michigan Republican Party who recently lost a bid to became national party chairman.

    Workaday labels like “big spender” and “liberal” have lost their punch, and last fall, Senator John McCain of Arizona and Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska gained little traction during the presidential campaign by linking Mr. Obama’s agenda to socialism.

    So Mr. Anuzis has turned to provocation with a purpose. He calls the president’s domestic agenda “economic fascism.”

    Communism, anyone?:cuckoo:

    But Can Obama Make the Trains Run on Time? - The Caucus Blog -

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