Take Out Omar el-Bashir NOW

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    One thing I disagree with in terms of how people speak of the War on Terror is when they talk about "the list of things to do." We ought not to choose, at a time and place, where and who to invade. That is what the Nazis did.

    We must act when there is an urgent matter at hand. In my opinion, that is what we did. We took down the Taliban. We enforced international law and took down Saddam.

    People often speak of Iran, Syria, and North Korea... well, like I've said in the past, those are tough challenges we must face... but we must act against SUDAN... NOW!

    It is getting out of control. President Bush must go to the UN Security Council and demand a resolution that enforces the removal of Sudanese leader, terrorist Omar el-Bashir.

    Over 2 million non-Muslin Sudanese have been killed. Over 100,000 people are being slaughtered as we speak. It is sickening.

    Sudan has been connected to many terrorist groups, including Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Egyptian Islamic Jihad, and the ANO. They have sheltered some of the world's most wanted terrorists, including bin Laden at one time.

    This is one of the four worst regimes on the planet and it is getting worse. Bashir is no better than Saddam in terms of killing his own people and supporting terrorism.

    All of this anti-Americanism in the world would only get less with images of us feeding little children who weigh about 1/20th of what they should weigh. We must... we MUST do something. I can't stand to see Islamic fundamentalist terrorists in Sudan do this to their own people.

    The war against Sudan would be a lot easier than that of Iraq... it'd probably look a lot like Afghanistan. It would require about 25,000 - 40,0000 American soldiers, with another 10,000 or so of ally troops, perhaps British, Italian, and maybe even French. (Who knows how France will react to this genocide)?

    We need to act NOW.

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