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    From time to time one must be reminded about exactly the kind of folks we're talking about.
    Check out the vid that Rumsfeld received from Saddam about his Syrian cousins....

    WASHINGTON — Donald Rumsfeld has resurrected a bizarre gift from Saddam Hussein: a video that purports to show female Syrian soldiers biting the heads off snakes, and a male comrade stabbing a puppy to death.

    The former US defense secretary, an architect of the invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein in 2003, said the late Iraqi dictator gave him the video as a parting memento when Rumsfeld made a secret mission to Baghdad in 1983 as former president Ronald Reagan's Mideast envoy.

    "Such gifts can be unusual, but even so I was shocked by this one," Rumsfeld said on his website, "The Rumsfeld Papers."

    "Saddam had given me a three-minute videotape documenting alleged Syrian 'atrocities,'" he said.

    "The blurred, choppy footage shows young Syrians biting the heads off of snakes and stabbing puppies, to the apparent applause of then-Syrian dictator Hafez al-Assad."

    Rumsfeld posted the black-and-white video on his website, with a warning: "This video depicts graphic violence. Some viewers may find it disturbing." His office said on Twitter that it was the first time it had ever been made public.

    AFP: Rumsfeld posts bizarre video from Saddam

    Stills here: Rumsfeld's bizarre gift from Saddam: Video of Syrian 'atrocities' | Mail Online

    Part of vid: WATCH: Rumsfeld releases bizarre video from Saddam | The Raw Story

    I'm stickin' with baklava...

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