"Swedish Christian Minister/Pastor Jailed/Fined For Hate Speech

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    Warning folks in the religiously free U.S. of A.! You may have to stand up and defend what the bible says, or tuck your tail, and run. You to, may be accused of hate speech some day, when all you're doing is quoting the bible. The Hate Speech Army, ala ACLU, and those other groups and individuals that allegedly are defending your liberty, most likely will be wolves in sheep's clothing.

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    The Pastor's Off to Jail
    Commentary by Martin Kelly
    September 13, 2004

    Conservatives be warned - quiet Sunday mornings can be bad for your health.

    On September 5th, I was flicking through the Sunday papers to the sound of the BBC news when I heard something that means I will never look at Volvo cars the same way ever again. An evangelical pastor in Sweden is being imprisoned for a hate crime committed while preaching a sermon.

    I didn’t catch his name. However, his crime was to say from the pulpit that he regards homosexuality as an illness like cancer.

    One doesn’t agree with that belief. If homosexual acts are carried out in private by consenting adults over the age of 21 and not for the sake of prostitution, then the state has no business in the matter. Marriage rights for homosexuals bear the scent of hothouse flowers in ivory towers. It’s an intellectual enigma that the most strident activists for New Marriage are those who have been the most implacable enemies of Old Marriage, their endless war on the family having been waged on the killing fields of the statehouses and divorce courts, their ammunition the liberalisation of the divorce laws.

    However, the essence of ‘hate crimes’ is bigotry. Provided that the bigot does not seek to inflict any kind of harm on the object of his bigotry, whether by violence or discrimination, then, although the bigot himself is odious, his beliefs shouldn’t be illegal. What is in his heart is between his maker and himself. It is precisely what is in that pastor’s heart that the Swedish state has seen fit to punish.

    The real import of the decision to jail him is that the Swedish state has taken upon itself the right to regulate what ministers of religion can say to their flocks during their services. Their government has told Sweden’s evangelicals that they can repent and believe the Good News as much as they like, provided that the Good News conforms to the standards of Swedish liberal social policy.

    Of course, the Swedish gay rights brigades are supporting this liberal smorgasbord 100%. They might care to consider the latitude given to an equally controversial minister by the British state.

    Yes, folks, Allah be praised, it’s Omar Bakri Mohammed, The Human Beachball! He’s out of his girdle and chasing the headlines!

    For the uninitiated, Bakri is the London-based spiritual director of a group called Al-Muhajiroun, or ‘The Emigrants’. A Syrian who’s been kicked out of both Syria and Saudi Arabia for his activities in the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood, this dainty 300-pounder has sired seven kids, lives in rent-free public housing and collects $500 a week disability benefit from the British taxpayer while at the same time saying that his group’s aim is to turn Britain into an Islamic state. If the one-eyed, hook handed Abu Hamza al-Masri is the pantomime villain of British Islamofascism, Omar Bakri Mohammed is its pantomime dame.

    He’s a totally unsavoury, ruthless SOB, of course. He had to do a lot of nifty footwork a few months ago when it became public knowledge that he had counselled the Anglo-Pakistani suicide bombers Asif Mohammed Hanif and Omar Khan Sharif, the Mike’s Place murderers.

    However, Bakri recently geared up for his usual celebration of the events of 9/11. On September 3, the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) carried a translation of an interview he gave to the Arabic language London daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, concerning his plans for this year’s event. He said that any criticism they catch would be,

    “a simple sacrifice in comparison with what we must actually do – that is, support the jihad led by Bin Laden”

    In the Sunday Telegraph of September 5th, he gave an interview in English stating his position on the Beslan school massacre. He said,

    “If an Iraqi Muslim carried out an attack like that in Britain, it would be justified because Britain has carried out acts of terrorism in Iraq. As long as the Iraqi did not deliberately kill women and children, and they were killed in the crossfire, that would be OK”.

    What do both these ministers have in common? They both interface with the culture of ‘rights’. It is the right of Sweden’s gays not to hear any criticism of their lifestyle, so a Christian minister goes to jail for expressing his religious beliefs. Omar Bakri Mohammed enjoys the right of free speech, using it to exhort violence against his hosts twice in a week, entirely without any kind of consequence.

    Let us all hope that, in the immediate future, Omar Bakri Mohammed says something really bad about Swedish gays. "


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