Suspected U.S. Strike Kills Nine in Pakistan

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Vintij, Oct 23, 2008.

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    Suspected U.S. Strike Kills Nine in Pakistan -

    Pakistan has been doing what they can so far but they are extremely under supported when it comes to funding, and their economy is in the shit hole. At least this agreement finally puts diplomacy and extremism on the top of the list.

    I dont see what the big deal is about going into Pakistan, sure they dont want us there but according to this article, we are clearly launching attacks there already.....its not like they can do anything about it if we end up spotting Osama......they essentially need us to take him out because they are tied up in the north with militant surgents. I for one think we should allow the young pakistani government to develope on their own and ofcourse if we spot Osama, nobody is going to stop us from going in......Pakistanis are not harboring extremist camps on purpose, its because they dont have full control.

    We need to leave Iraq, set up shop on the boarder of Pakistan and Afganistan, support the boarder with minimal government influence and diplomatically work with pakistan to get rid of these unwanted organizations within the country. We let Iraq stand on their own for a few months, if this does not work we are right there and can move back in......if both countries can stabilize on thier own, we shift focus to one objective, taking out the group that attacked us and then getting the hell out.......This is the perfect strategy because all the people who say Iraq will self-destruct if we leave, have nothing to say because we did not leave with this plan, we just re-located and can move back if things dont work out. Plus this allowes us to focus on where the real problem is....the boarder of Pakistan where extremists are hiding out. If pakistan cant do this on their own, we can diplomatically work out an agreement to deal with this together, without occupying the country while at the same time focusing on the objective of finding the group that attacked us on 9-11. This will speed up the process and we can get out of the middle east much sooner.
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