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    Donald J.Trump is making history tonight even while sharing the spotlight with Ted Cruz. He's done a superb job without the support of the GOP establishment, media or funding from outside sources which has been unheard of - up until now.

    According to officials, turnout for Super Tuesday has been huge indicating that Trump's brigade was on the march across 12 states determined to carry him to the nomination. Lines were reported to be big in Virginia, Georgia and elsewhere as polls are tallying up the final votes for this Super Tuesday.

    Trump has won endorsements from leading conservatives within the Republican party. Jeff Sessions, Sarah Palin, Rick Scott, Phyllis Shafly and Chris Christie have all endorsed the Real Estate Mogul in his campaign to become the next president of the United States.

    The Republican establishment has yet to explain why they refuse to get on board the Trump train which has been described by many as "a movement."

    Trump voters reported on social media this morning that their votes for Trump were being automatically switched to Marco Rubio and had to be corrected. They warned others to make sure their vote for Donald Trump was counted correctly on voting machines.

    This evening news from Austin, Texas is reporting similar problems. Trump voters in four states reported the same trouble. Trump votes automatically going to Rubio due to voter machine errors. This certainly would work to Ted Cruz's advantage.

    Bill Gates is Marco Rubio's 2nd largest campaign contributor. Gates volunteered his technology to tally votes in Iowa and if his technology was used again in Super Tuesday voting machines, the American people have a right to know. Gates is known for creating back doors for his computer programs and supported Rubio's bill for immigrant workers.

    Republicans said they would like to see Cruz and Rubio drop out of the race now because Trump needs to prepare for the general election. The people have made up their minds and feel the RNC is trying to hold back Donald Trump and with it, the will of the people! Trying? They are!

    On Steve Malzberg show tonight, long time Hillary friend Dick Morris, did his best to downplay the importance of Super Tuesday saying there are months to decide. Why people continue to listen to Morris is a mystery. He does the same thing every election while pretending to be Hillary's enemy. . For anyone thinking about tuning into Steve Malzberg? Don't. Trump was leading Rubio by 9 points in Virginia earlier this evening and Rubio supporter Malzberg said it was too close to call. Depending upon Steve Malzberg Show for accuracy is like chewing on a broken tooth. Save yourselves the aggravation!

    The earlier vote count for Super Tuesday poll results:

    Trump is winning in Virginia 39%

    Marco Rubio 30%

    Ted Cruz 18%

    Kaisich 6%

    Carson 6%

    Trump was declared the winner in Georgia earlier this evening with 54%

    Cruz 22%

    Rubio 16%

    Carson 4%

    Kaisich 3%

    Vermont is reporting Trump with 42%
    Kaisich 25%
    Rubio 18%
    Cruz 8%
    Carson 6%

    In Alabama Trump won 45% of the evangelical vote with Cruz trailing badly behind at 19%. This is a likely indicator that Donald Trump has won the huge evangelical vote in Texas too. Earlier polls had Trump tied with Ted Cruz for Texas. They are now calling Virginia for Trump. Trump has won Alabama, Georgia, Vermont, Virginia, Massachusetts. There are some predictions coming in now that Cruz may win Texas and Oklahoma. If this turns out to be the case, Cruz could stay in and Rubio (who has not won anything tonight) will be going home.

    The automated link below will give the final tally as it is comes in:

    Donald Trump is scheduled to make a speech from his Mar -A - Largo home at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. His speech will be posted as soon as it is available. Mr. Trump and his lovely wife Melania deserve some relaxation after all the hard work they have done seeking to win the GOP nomination. Congratulations, Mr. Trump! You're drawing closer to the nomination you've worked so hard to win!

    UPDATE: Super Tuesday: Victories pile up for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as US election goes national - live Trump is taking the stage in Florida right now the link and scroll down to see video of Trump speech. Thank you.
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    Okay, two more races and its over. Now I DID blow my prediction Cruz would get Arkansas, he got Oklahoma instead.

    This time around Cruz has a big problem. Trump is ahead IN Florida with Rubio 2nd in his home state. Anything less then second gets you a whole lot of nothing.

    Texas for Cruz was a given and the only question was by how much. That is NOT going to be the case in Florida. Florida tends to split east/west as far as conservative/liberal. But Trump WILL take the majority.

    THEN it gets interesting. California, huge amount of delegates and it splits north/south with a conservative north. Rubio MIGHT get the nod in the south because of his lies on Telemundo regarding immigration.

    Trump takes the north and Cruz loses again. Cruz and Rubio could wind up with a very even number of delegates. Enter yet a NEW problem. Granted I did get the Oklahoma/Arkansas wins backwards but two out of 12 wrong ain't bad.

    Washington and Oregon split east/west, lived there and watched it happen. Seattle has the ONLY elected Communist counsel member in the country. Trump will take eastern Washington and Oregon. I THINK Kasich will take the west so BOTH Cruz and Rubio lose there.

    Kasich IS the closet thing the GOP has to a socialist/communist.
    Needless to say those states go Sanders as well. Bottom line is simple REAL SIMPLE. Cruz and Rubio are gathering delegates to shake Trump down for the number two spot.
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    Your simple bottom line is weird and way off. Neither Cruz nor Rubio will become nor try to become VP nominee for Trump.

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