Sugar Ray Thrilled To Be Playing In Man's Head

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    Sugar Ray Thrilled To Be Playing In Man's Head

    SAN DIEGO— After nearly four years without a major live show, alternative rock band Sugar Ray announced Monday that they were "thrilled beyond words" to be playing inside San Diego resident Robert Waldie's head.

    The impromptu concert, which took place between Waldie's temporal lobes early Monday afternoon, was the largest venue Sugar Ray had played since 2001's Surf's Up Festival in Los Angeles.

    "It's great to be back," announced Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath, whose band followed thoughts of a turkey sandwich on rye and a nagging reminder to pay this month's electricity bill when taking the mental stage. "Playing in front of all our fans like this—we couldn't have asked for anything more."


    Robert Waldie is the band's largest venue since 2001.

    Sugar Ray headlined the forefront of Waldie's mind through much of Monday afternoon, playing the chorus of their 1997 hit "Fly" seven consecutive times before segueing into an all-hum rendition of their second-most popular single, "Every Morning." Sugar Ray then played the refrain from "Fly" an additional four times before closing their set.

    "This was a huge gig for us," said Sugar Ray guitarist Rodney Sheppard, who at different times during the show was suddenly replaced with Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry, legendary musician Carlos Santana, and once even Waldie himself. "I think we were all feeling some pressure at first. After all, so many great bands have played inside Rob's head over the years. We definitely didn't want to disappoint."


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