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    City, Former Workers Pushing To Recoop Money From Su Vianda

    Posted: 5:54 pm PDT June 7, 2010Updated: 6:45 pm PDT June 7, 2010
    SAN JOSE, Calif. -- To the surprise of its customers and employees, as well as the City of San Jose, the South Bay grocery store-chain Su Vianda closed its doors for good Saturday.
    According to former employees, the two-store chain went bankrupt after being open for less than three years and receiving a half-million dollars in assistance from the city.
    Former employees of Mercados Su Vianda gathered outside the supermarket on San Jose’s East Santa Clara St. Monday afternoon to discuss, mostly in Spanish, what they planned to do now that they were unemployed.
    “They didn't give us warning, they didn't tell us anything, just that we weren't employed anymore,” said former employee Su Vianda Rosario Velazquez. :(:(
    The store opened up more than two years ago next door to city hall and with the city's economic development department’s help; the city gave the chain’s owner Kimomex Markets Inc. in assistance $500,000.
    Economic Development Deputy Director Jeff Ruster says at the time, it seemed like a good investment.
    “It was clearly before the economy crisis hit, it was not good in terms of the timing, and shortly after the economy started turning downward severely,” said Ruster.
    City officials were looking into recouping its money Monday, but there is little potential as the company appears to have completely shut down. Also, workers said their last couple checks have bounced and their last paycheck was only 25 percent of their normal pay.
    Former employees have banned together to hire an attorney, Marc Terbeck, who said Monday that employees were threatened if they complained.
    “We'll find out who made them then if you have problems with your documentation, we'll let the INS know about it, we'll let ICE know about it,” said Terbeck. :clap2::lol:
    Calls to Kimomex Markets Inc. were not returned Monday and its office, which was locked, appeared to be abandoned.

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