Study: 'The Hope and the Change' Broadcasts Could 'Change the Election'

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    The Citizens United documentary “The Hope and the Change” started to air on cable and broadcast television stations last week (including on HD Net on Sunday), and a recent focus group conducted by Luntz Global found the documentary could “change the election.”

    In an election in which there are fewer undecided voters than before, it postulated, the best way to persuade those voters is by putting people like them on the television screen.

    “If your goal is to change the outcome on Election Day, only one documentary truly accomplishes that goal,” Luntz Global wrote in a memo.

    Luntz Global showed the movie to a group of 30 people, and after post-viewing interviews, the firm determined this one documentary “has the power and potential to truly change minds – and votes” and “moves the people who are truly undecided in the election.”

    The memo determines “The Hope and The Change” is “a potential game changer that can win critical swing voters,” because the film “deploys the single best method for persuading voters who chose Obama in 2008 to vote against him in 2012: it uses their own voices.”

    Full story @ $name

    I most certainly hope so! Perhaps those sitting on the fence will vote GOP in spite of any hesitations they might have. :clap2:

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