STOP the INSANITY - It matter not WHO or HOW MUCH the government TAXES!

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    How many decades are we the people going to allow this DISTRACTION every election cycle?

    I could care less how much my neighbor is paying and I sure as hell don't care if his or hers percentage is less than mine if that person is paying 10,000 times what I will ever pay in my lifetime! SHEESH PEOPLE!

    Can we please have little sanity? Do any of you ever stop to ask yourself a simple question that puts the REAL problem square in the headlights?

    Don't continue to be fooled by these con artists that pit us against each other.....



    All they ever talk about is "the debt" or the "deficit".....they never talk about the taxes actually COLLECTED every single year PLUS what they are borrowing...they don't want YOU to look at that...


    Because if you did, the CON would be over!

    Well, it's really quite simple.....if you do the math OUR government is spending at a rate equal to over $12,000 a year (That is each and every year folks) for every man, woman and child in America!

    Think about that! For a typical family of four our government is telling they need almost $50,000 a year to "help" us? Seriously people? Are we all really this blind? This stupid?

    BUT...that is what they tell us...year after year, election cycle after election cycle.

    and what do we do? Argue about who is giving these THIEVING CON ARTISTS "their fair share"?

    Are we as an electorate collectively INSANE? If not the wake the heck up!

    It's not who's paying their fair share of the's the UNFAIR money our government is STEALING FROM ALL OF US!
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