Stop missile tests or we will end food aid, Obama tells N.Korea

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    U.S. President Obama has stopped the plan of supplying food aid to North Korea in exchange for their ceasing missile testing. According to diplomatic reports in the Tokyo news source Shimun, the launch is imminent.

    Korea has moved the rocket to a launch pad in Tongchang-ri in the northwest and has begun injecting it with liquid fuel in anticipation of an April 12 or 13 launch.
    The report came after North Korea insisted on Tuesday it would go ahead with what it says is a satellite launch, disregarding a call from President Barack ObamaBarack Obama to drop the plan and accusing him of a "confrontational mindset."

    The US has suspended plans to send food aid to North Korea, saying it has broken a promise to halt missile launches and cannot be trusted to give the help to those who need it, a Pentagon official said yesterday.

    The launch is viewed by the West and Asian neighbors like Japan as a preliminary to testing ballistic missile technology.
    South Korea is reporting on the issue as well, as President Obama met with the South Korean President. “North Korea will put itself into deeper isolation, make promised American food aid unlikely and face possible international sanctions if it goes ahead with a long-range rocket launch.”

    The threatened liftoff, if pressed ahead, will "only deepen North Korea's isolation, damage further relations with its neighbors and seriously undermine prospects of future negotiations," Obama said during a joint news conference after summit talks with South Korean President Lee Myung-bak.

    "I'll simply say North Korea will achieve nothing by threats or by provocations," President Obama said, according to Yonhap news agency.

    I support what obama said, North Korea is totally wrong. No country believes that it is a satellite. I heard that North Korea took the same technology to make missiles into it. North Korea just wants to test ICBM not a satellite. As far as i know, North Korea had tested fake satellite several times and those were turn out to be missiles. North Korea should stop talking lies and try to make positive changes.
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    Mebbe Obama needs to threaten to stop foreign aid to India an' Pakistan too...
    Billions face starvation due to nuclear weapons
    April 25, 2012 - MORE than a billion people worldwide could starve if India and Pakistan unleash nuclear weapons because even a "limited" nuclear war would cause major climate disruptions, a study says.

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