State election in Schleswig Holstein

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    The SPD (social democrats) under Mrs. Simonis lost 4% with 38.7%
    The CDU (conservatives) gained 5% with 40.2%
    The FDP (economy friendly) got 7.6%
    The Green Party (commies) got 6.2%.

    It led to a stalemate that is gonna be broken by the Danish minority
    party that is exempt from the 5% rule and will support a Green/ SPD

    The conservatives are disappointed they could not harvest the victory
    to put more pressure on Schroeder and some warned that anti-Danish
    resentments could come from their support of the Green/SPD coaltion.

    Other pointed out that after the end of WW2 some of the Danish wanted
    to be part of Denmark again and now they decide who runs the state
    and it is a good example of integration of a minority.

    Most people in the North a more relaxed anyway (imo) so there is not
    a huge difference to Denmark to begin with.

    Schroeder's SPD again did quite bad in the state elections and only with help of the Danish minority can stay in power in Schleswig (the most northern state). This is bad for the left, traditionally it was a SPD state in the last decade.

    Angela Merkel the leader of the conservatives still needs more decisive victories to make sure she gets nominated for the chancellorship. (?)
    She has one major rival in Edmund Stoiber from the sisterparty CSU (the conservatives in Bavaria).

    The Neonazis (NPD) failed to make it into the state parliament and received about 2% of the vote.

    What does the outcome means for the US? There is some hope that Schroeder's leftist alliance might weaken further when the northern states are now in conservative control.

    Still Schroeder will continue to use the foreign policy field to further
    his domestic agenda by "standing up" against Bush. Unfortunatly
    that will give him some votes but with the sorry performance of
    the economy I hope some of the sheep will see through this game
    of blame the outsiders.

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