SRF- Political opposition Customary Alliance

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    When the the "new dawn" charter, signed by the Sudanese Revolutionary Front and the political opposition parties was made public, the National Umma Party and the Popular Congress Party have quickly distanced themselves from document.

    Unlike the Umma, and the Popular Congress Parties, Secretary General of the Communist Party, Muhamed Al Mukhtar Al Khateeb has admitted the the charter, saying his party will work with SRF to overthrow of the regime.

    The Popular Congress Party has never mandated any of its leaders to sign the charter, said Abu Bakr Abdel Raziq. PCP opposes the charter because it calls for dividing the country into regions, merging the Presidential and parliamentary cabinet systems, separating between the state and religion, and forming four-year transitional government, he added.

    The Popular Congress Party which denied authorizing Tariq Mahjoub to sign the charter has failed to justify his presence in Kampala at the time of signing if he were really not dispatched for that purpose.
    The Spokesman of the National Umma Party, Abdel Hameed Al Fadl said on Wednesday that his party does not agree to document because it is against the Party's peaceful orientation.

    The Umma Party said it had authorized Salah Manna who signed the charters to persuade SRF leaders to participate in the Constitutional Conference.

    Thus, the two parties' denial is unconvincing or logical because if the two representatives were not authorized, they wouldn't have done so, because such serious political move will expose the two parties to political accountability under the political parties Act.

    In their capacity as leaders of these parties, they must be familiar with their participation in the meeting especially these parties always claim that they have strong information centres.

    Therefore, denying the mandate isn't quite enough to distance the two parties from the outcome of the meeting. On the contrary, justifications will corner SRF leaders for not verifying the authorization and the identity of the signers, a move which is regarded against the established traditions in such cases.

    Repudiating the Charter is unacceptable even if the two parties have politically been tolerated for participation. The most crucial question, have the Umma and the Popular Congress parties allied with SRF to topple the government?

    Certainly, the alliance between the political parties and SRF is like customary union which is concluded on the condition that no inconvenience or scandals, otherwise the political opposition parties have the right to withdraw from the charter and the coalition as well.

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