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    I'm not sure if my request is appropriate for this particular forum, but I thought I'd give it a try. I'm currently taking a course in sport sociology and am writing a paper on sport in Iran. One of my requirements is to conduct an interview or survey, and my paper is due by midnight tomorrow. I know this is incredibly short notice and realize that even if anyone were willing to participate, I might not have allowed enough time; however, the person I was supposed to interview backed out at the last minute. I will paste my questions at the end of this email in case anyone receives this by tomorrow and is kind enough to take the time to answer them. Even brief answers to only some of the questions would be immensely appreciated. To anyone who is willing to take pity on me and help me here, I will need your last name and first initial for the purpose of source citation, which you can email to me if you're not comfortable posting it. I will not be revealing any other personal information in my paper. My email address is .


    1. What is your involvement in sport? For example, are you an athlete, coach, or spectator, etc.?
    2. What sport(s) do you play, coach, or watch?
    3. What is your age?
    4. Are you Iranian? If not, what is your ethnicity or cultural group?
    5. What country do you live in?
    6. Do you support female Iranians in sport?
    7. What is used as motivation to perform well in sport (e.g., winning, self-improvement/self-actualization, individual notoriety, team honor, family honor, etc.)?
    8. In the United States, punctuality and being present at scheduled meetings/practices are considered important. Is this so in Iranian culture?
    9. Are athletes and coaches allowed to miss religious or family obligations for sport?
    10. Are there any female coaches of male teams/athletes?
    11. Apart from dress, does religion/spirituality play a role in sport participation? If yes, how?
    12. Are Iranian athletes and coaches open to the use of a sport psychologist? If yes, does the gender of the sport psychologist matter? If so, how? Would Iranians be open to a foreign sport psychologist (e.g., North American, European, Asian, etc.)?
    13. Do Iranians prefer coaches/authority figures to be more democratic and open to athlete input or to be more direct and authoritarian?
    14. Does family play a role in sport participation and athlete performance? If yes, how?

    For females:

    1. What are the reasons that female Iranians participate in sport as athletes or coaches?
    2. Do you wear a hijab?
    3. If you do, is it because you feel you have to or because you want to?
    4. If you participate in sport and wear a hijab, do you feel it hinders your performance?
    5. Are there cultural norms that determine how female athletes and coaches should behave, such as in emotional expressivity, aggressive/assertive play, taunting of opponents, etc.?

    For males:

    1. What are your feelings about women in positions of authority? Do you take them seriously and are you comfortable with their instruction?
    2. Would you be open to a female coach or sport psychologist?

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