So who is really at fault for this financial melt-down

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    Just watched a special on Fox News, October 5, 2008.


    As we know, in 1999 the Clinton adminstration pressured Fannie & Freddie to lower standards (credit & income) to persuade banks to loan out mortgage money to lower income people & minorities. They went as far as not even requiring down payments. (Easy money raced through our economy--thru new mortgages to refinancing). Not only were lower income & minorities getting homes they could not afford, but others jumped on the band wagon--using this money to buy vacation beach homes.

    At this time--government lead by pressuring democrats wanted Freddie & Fannie (government) to back 50% of these new loans in their portfolios to be what we know can honestly say (risky borrowers.)

    Wall Street bought up these mortgages in packages to hedge their capital. When housing prices fell--these risky borrowers walked out of the homes they purchased, primarily because they had nothing to lose. No down payment = no investment to lose.

    In 2001 the Bush adminstration warned that Freddie & Fannie may be getting out of control. Then again in 2003 the Bush administration brought new legislation in to reign these agencies under control. Then again Allan Greenspan warned. Then in 2005 John McCain sponsored a bill to get tighter regulations on these agencies.

    So who blocked these several new pieces of legislation that would have saved us from this 700 BILLION DOLLAR bail-out.

    Every time a new piece of legislation was brought up to the banking/finance committee. Every democrat on the board would vote against new regulation, every republican on the board would vote for it. This happened at least 3 different times during the Bush adminstration.

    NAMES MENTIONED: Democrat Criss Dodd--democrat Barney Frank--democrat--Charles Schumer whom were adamant that Fannie & Freddie needed no stricter regulations. Criss Dodd being the # 1 donor receipiant of Fannie/Freddie--Barack Obama being the # 2 donor receipiant of Fannie/Freddie.

    ACORN--whose sole purpose was to go into banks & scream discrimination--was also a player in this. BTW--Barack Obama is connected to ACORN--& was actually this agencies attorney in his Chicago community organizing days--whom also promoted loans given to people who could not pay them back. (Note that the first bail-out bill that house republicans defeated had $20 BILLION dollars going to ACORN). This outraged them. ACORN is also currently under criminal investigation in several states for voter registration fraud.

    There is absolutely no doubt in my mind--who is to blame for this financial crisis. The party who started it, the party who ignored it, & the party who voted several times against any new regulation to reign these agencies in. Democrats

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