So there are three guys one top of a building . . . .

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    And the first guy says, "Man, I am sick of how safety conscious this world has become. They have sprinkler systems, and fire stops on every floor, and you know what they are doing now? They are putting in a rubber side walk so no one can commit suicide!"

    And the second guy says, "WHAT! I don't believe you! How can you put in a rubber sidewalk?????"

    And the first guy says, "See for yourself!" So the first guy jumps off the building lands, on the sidewalk, bounces back, and lands gracefully right back on top of the building.

    And the second guy says, "Wow! I gotta try that!" So, he leaps off the building and SPLAT!!!!!!!!

    And while the first guy is laughing his head off, the third guy who has been hanging back, shakes his head and says, "Dammit Superman! You're getting to be a real prick!"

    That's joke instantly came to mind when I read this:

    I mean OH MAN! :eek: There is going to be CGI blood everywhere!
    That's going to be the goriest Superman evah! :D

    THIS IS METROPOLIS!!!!!!!!!!!


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