Smartest President Ever And The "Grand Bargain"

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    [Well, if you count getting into Harvard Law under Affirmative Action, you know the kind at work at the University of Michigan where at the GPA where 100 per cent of blacks are accepted, only 10 per cent of whites make the grade. Then just to add luster to his reputation of brilliance when 'Bebe' Netanyahu came to visit at the WhiteHouse a while back, Mr Smartypants greeted him with a sheaf of documents while telling 'Bebe' "These are the surrender terms for Israel to make to the Palestinians. Sign them. I'll be upstairs having lunch with Michelle and the kids, call me if you can think of any new concessions you want to make!"
    But the best was coming when Mr Smartypants decided it was time to make the Grand Budget Bargain in order to avoid the US Credit Downgrade. Apparently the two sides reached a deal, 800 billion in new taxes, 1.2 trillion in budget cuts, something John Boehner and Eric Cantor could both take back and sell to their respective House Constituencies. Then when the day came to put pen to paper on the deal, Obama came in and said "We've got to go back to where we started, two trillion in new taxes, 800 billion in cuts, the same cuts we gave you in the budget agreement we came to six months ago and the same cuts we made in last years package. We are not going to balance the budget with new spending cuts, its going to be balanced with all new taxes" Maybe if he showed the two Congressmen how he hides his horns and his cloven hooves they would have signed gladly]

    "But interviews with most of the central players in those talks — some of whom were granted anonymity to speak about the secret negotiations — as well as a review of meeting notes, e-mails and the negotiating proposals that changed hands, offer a more complicated picture of the collapse. Obama, nervous about how to defend the emerging agreement to his own Democratic base, upped the ante in a way that made it more difficult for Boehner — already facing long odds — to sell it to his party. Eventually, the president tried to put the original framework back in play, but by then it was too late. The moment of making history had passed."

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