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    +13 is currently running a three part series about the the reconstruction failures in Iraq. While it notes some successes, the main problem with many of the failures has been a lack of correctly distributing the $18 billion Congress approved for the reconstruction. One example is financing the University system. The man appointed to oversee this asked for $1.3 billion to get the job done right. However, he only received a paltry $8 million. The CPA in general has only gotten between 1 and 2 billion of that. This has led to tons of unfinished and unstarted projects and it has also kept thousands of Iraqis from getting desperately needed jobs. However, the articles have not said where the money is and why it's not being distributed.
    I think using the money to create tons of new jobs would definitely help the moral of the Iraqis and give them more faith in the US occupation.
    Does anyone know any more about this money issue?

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