Sharpton for AZ Senate! (It's Getting To Where You Can't Tell Them Apart, Anymore(?)

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    In the "Rhetoric" of Aristotle, speakers are advised to take into account the mores, values, beliefs, and prejudices--the "ethos" of even the Arizona Audience.

    So Reverend Al Sharpton went to a church in Arizona, and more or less commented that even in Arizona, "It's just getting to where you can't tell them apart, anymore!"

    Al Sharpton address crowd over immigration law | sharpton, law, arizona - Top Story -

    Apparently in Arizona, like in so many parts of Armerica, After Dark. . . .You might as well just think of yourself as being Hispanic, when riding down the street: Presumably in a low-rider, with risers, and purple, with painted on orange and red flames, chrome wire wheels, and the Chevy-brand insignia . logo on the hood. Anyone would say that there: "No Negro Dialect" would apply.

    Even in Las Vegas--after dark: There would be no telling anyone apart.

    The United States Senate, and certainly from Arizona: Knows that even Miranda is as unconstitutional as is Health Care, when profiling is the issue!

    Senate material is even black, in Arizona! Even John McCain might want to do a race for the pinks based on this one: "Let me tell you something: After dark we all look Mexican riding down the street!"

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Funny woman in White House garden: Even knows a place to park when she sees one! No one will be able to tell who the owners reallly are!)
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