Sexy Christian Pastors

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    I was reading a post about a young Christian woman waiting until she's married before having sex. It's a noble thing to do but Christianity has nothing to do with obeying the law and commandments of God, anyway. Christians are sinners because they don't believe in sinlessness. This particular Christian woman isn't saving herself from sinning because she's already a sinner in the eyes of God.

    I have a few stories of Christian sinners who were pastors or some kind of leader of their churches. These stories will prove that Christianity has nothing to do with God and that Christian sinners are no different than a pedophile sitting in prison or someone into beastiality that's written about in the laws of God.

    My ex-wife and I were married in 1982 in the backyard of her parent's house. The pastor of the Christian church they were members of had a meeting with us the day before and he tested us to see if we were capatible. He talked about sex, love, responsibility and all the rehearsed things he must have said to other couples for the 20 years he had been a pastor of his church. The next day he married us.

    He was a well loved pastor who had a beautiful wife and three lovely daughters who were in high school and junior high at that time. I had gotten to know them while dating my wife before we got married. No one would ever suspect they had problems in their home at nights.

    About 17 years later, my wife and I learned that he was in prison. His youngest daughter had told her psychiatrist that her father had sexual intercourse with her and her two sisters on a regular basis while they were living at home. The doctor called the authorities who took him to court and prosecuted him for sexual crimes against his daughters. His youngest daughter was the only one who dared to testify against him but it was enough to put in him prison. His two oldest daughters didn't have the courage to admit to his attacks.

    The next story is about a pastor of one of the biggest Christian churches in the south bay area of San Francisco. He had started his church about 30 years before we became regular attenders there but one Sunday morning, he stood up front with his wife and three adult children. He confessed to having a ten month long affair with a woman who used to sit in the front row every Sunday to listen to her lover. But he didn't confess to being caught, which I'm sure he didn't want to happen.

    He was relieved of his pastorship of his own church after his sexual sins but it only took him a year before he was a pastor of another church up in northern California. They must have had a very forgiving congregation there or he never told them he was an adulterer. Many Christian preachers have fallen to sexual sins because they're only sinners and nothing else.

    The music pastor of the same church left the church shortly afterwards and a new one was hired. Within a few months, someone had spotted him in the Santa Cruz mountains dancing nude to rock and roll music while drinking and masturbating. The news got around so they fired him. We had left the church before this happened but my friends who had gone to that church for many years told me about it.

    One of my Christian friends who grew up in a strict Christian home, became a pastor after going to a Christian Bible college. He was envious of his brothers girlfriend so he pursued her and got her pregnant. They just had their sixth child when I got to know him while working at the same construction company as he did. We got to be very good friends but several years later, his wife found porno magazines in his truck. He confessed to going to adult XXX bookstores and watching porno movies many times a day while he should have been doing business for his own construction company.

    In the fall of 1992, I became a leader of a Christian men's group with about twenty or so members to start with. After a couple months, most members quit except for one man who was a 20 year deacon of the Christian church we were attending. We got to be good friends through this group so he trusted me with his sexual sins that he had hidden all his life.

    He was sexually attracted to paraplegic women in wheelchairs so he would invite them to his home. Then he took sexual advantage of them but he told me it was the domination over them that gave him the most sexual satisfaction. They couldn't run away from him so they were like his sexual slaves. He would dress up in female underwear and dance around for his paraplegic slave while masturbating.

    None of these sinners were men of God that you read about in the Bible. No Christian is a sinless saint like you read about from a saint's perspective in the new testament. Instead, they are like Judas who rejected God and chased after the worldly desire of money. Sex is a problem with most sinners because it's the sin that's needed for procreation. The sin of pride, that kept these pastors from confessing their sins, is the culprit that keeps sinners from the truth of God.

    Only God can change the genetic sin traits of the flesh to stop the power to act on these sins. But only the chosen ones of God will ever become sinless saints and have their lust removed along with all the other worldly desires they once had. Confession of sins is still important for a sinner to do to help him sin less. There are many recovered alcoholics, drug, food, and sex addicts, and criminals that have been able to stop by confessing to their problems.

    This isn't the same confession that God takes his chosen ones through because he doesn't miss any details. A sinner confessing his own sins will leave out details that will keep haunting him until he's dead. A sinless saint will die without anything to hide. He's totally forgiven of all his sins he committed throughout his life. Christians will never experience this and die as sinners.

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