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Discussion in 'Computers' started by shintao, Jan 4, 2011.

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    Hi! I am interested in how to set up an outdoor speaker system using my PC for convenience where my music is stored. I assume I will need a good sized amplifier, but where will I be hooking into the PC to change it from the PC type fittings to a speaker system driven by wattage & amp, etc.

    Years back I had a pretty big amplifier that could power all the rooms in my house as well as the back patio (that was on a ranch in country). This time around, because I will have neighbors & HOA quieting laws, I thought I would get about a dozen smaller speakers for the back yard and spread them out from the bar, pool, dining, fireplace areas and patio,...basically so regardless of where you are back there you can hear the sound, just at a lowered volume I hope. Then also power about five inside rooms down stairs, the same way. I like to be able to go from room to room with no interruptions in sound. I also have a front patio for morning coffee and business meetings, where I would like a low volume and surround speakers.

    So that would be three different sound systems and volume levels, and be able to shut any of the three down.

    The back system would have the longest wiring system. Probably a hundred feet from the source to the furthest speakers on the backside of the pool. Oh, what size wiring if you know.

    Thank you.
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    It sounds to me like you would do best with wireless speakers. Wireless speakers would still need a power source though. wireless speakers: Electronics

    I don't know how picky you are with sound quality. Thin wire increases the damping factor. It makes the bass sound mushy.

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    I agree with the wireless speakers. A wireless server is a very good way to go. Then anyone with the proper credentials can access the server media files. They have firefly Ipod/Iphone/etc. server, a DLNA server, FTP server, BitTorrent server, etc.

    I use a NAS (Network Attached Storage) connected to a wireless router.

    Then all you need is a device that can play back through the wireless.

    This will also allow you to stream videos in multiplicity. My wife and I can stream the same HD (MKV) movie from the server at the same time.

    And it's pretty cheap. :)

    Wireless streaming of HD movies would need to use the N + Extreme (3MB/s) protocol on both the router and receiving device.

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