September 14, 2012, 5:29 PM.Regional Fed Banks Disclose Leaders’ 2011 Financial Holdi

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    The New York Fed noted its leader William Dudley and his wife undertook two “notable equity divestitures” last year. Mr. Dudley unloaded General Electric Co. stock in a fashion approved by his bank so as to avoid a conflict of interest, while his wife sold Prudential Financial Inc. stock as the Fed gained regulatory supervision of the company and similar institutions. Mr. Dudley was also granted a waiver to serve as vice chairman of the Economic Club of New York.

    Mr. Dudley and his wife listed numerous stock and mutual fund holdings, including over several million dollars invested in several Vanguard funds, as well as substantial holdings in several J.P. Morgan Chase programs credited to Mr. Dudley’s wife.
    Regional Fed Banks Disclose Leaders’ 2011 Financial Holdings - Real Time Economics - WSJ

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