Self confessed Racialist allowed to continue teaching children in U.K.

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    BBC News - BNP activist cleared of intolerance on online comments
    (27th May 2010 BBC article and video on this case.)

    The question which raises itself in this story is whether children are placed in a vulnerable position, being exposed to teachers that are part of a front-organisation for race hatred.

    Those not familiar with the B.N.P., (so-called British National Party) should note that non-white persons were, under their constitution prohibited from joining the Party. However, their leadership abruptly altered the rules recently (October 2009) after the threat of legal action from the Equality and Human Rights Commission. While rules printed on a piece of paper can be altered for political expediency, the underlying hostility from the party faithful against non-whites in Britain doesn't vanish quite as conveniently.

    (An early Griffin, later to take over B.N.P. leadership from John-"Mein Kampf is my bible"-Tyndall. Both convicted of incitement to racial hatred. )

    Exposing minority ethnic youth to teachers such as Adam Walker that surreptitiously describe them as "Savage Animals" is hardly conducive to a safe and healthy atmosphere in an institution of education. Allowing known B.N.P members to hold positions in schools is akin to recruiting P.E. instructors from paedophile rings, a foolish and reckless policy which endangers the welfare of susceptible children.
    This article: Non-whites barred from BNP meeting | News reports how on the same day they changed their rules of application, a group of non-whites were barred from entering their meeting, while their white Swedish friend was allowed in.

    What is carefully fed to the media in suits and ties and what occurs secretly behind the closed doors of public houses where the B.N.P meet, amidst Hitler salutes and in front of draped union Jacks are two different things.

    Note also hypocrisy from the BBC, who went out of their way to provide a platform for convicted criminal and B.N.P. leader Nick Griffin on BBC1's prestigious Question time, also in October of 2009, yet absolutely refused to allow a Disasters Emergency Committee appeal for the piteous victims of Israel's aggression against civilians in the Gaza strip earlier in January.

    While other parties are keen to share their core values and widely distribute policy tenets, the B.N.P. hide true intentions. Visiting their official website non members find themselves barred from copying its precious Constitution:

    "No part of this, the 12.2 edition of the Constitution of the British National Party as amended from time to time may be downloaded, copied, reproduced, republished, posted, transmitted, stored, sold or distributed without the prior written permission of N. Griffin MEP for and on behalf of the publisher, except that each Individual Member of the British National Party shall have a non exclusive non transferable licence to download one copy.."

    A strange gap appears where once there was Paragraph/s 3.2.2. And hidden at the end, in Annex 3. one finds vague co-opted from the U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples ( cherry-picked due to their reference to race) as an ad-hoc cover for the glaring omissions. Whereas if one observes the structure of the Ninth Edition Constitution, published in September 2005, the missing paragraph/s fall into place. Not surprisingly they deal with the controversial issue of demanding 'a WHITE ONLY membership demographic'. While the 'new improved' 12th edition skates round the subject in a fake U.N. costume for the cameras, the previous publication unapologetically states:

    3) Membership of the party shall be open only to those who are 16 years of age or over and whose ethnic origin is listed within Sub-section 2
    And subsection 2. states:

    2) The indigenous British ethnic groups deriving from the class of ‘Indigenous Caucasian’

    The above is the genuine constitutional sentiment of the party. It's obvious that in an attempt to cloak themselves with a 'veneer of respectability' the true intentions of the B.N.P. have been conveniently watered down for legal requirement. But muzzling a vicious bulldog does not change its violent temperament. Once circumstances are correct the muzzle is unharnessed; the beast unfettered.

    (The Aryan dream is realised in Germany while the other side of the coin becomes a nightmare for ethnic minorities.)

    This organisation is redolent with violence and criminality with a leadership structure straight out of the 'National Front' also steeped in incidences of vicious intimidation and ruthless attacks of lone individuals from minority communities. As with the Nazis, nationalist fanatics are a reserve for the Capitalist ruling class to fall back upon in times of social upheaval. The B.N.P. would, if conditions permitted, be called on by the ruling elite to defend Capital by ruthlessly crushing trade unionism and Socialism. For Fascism is at the end of the day, quite simply the desperate face of the Capitalist profit system.

    (An older, though none the wiser Griffin enshrouds himself from public reaction with a ring of bulldog-like body-guards.)
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    Is this the English invasion again? I'm better at eating fish and chips than I am discussing UK politics. Maybe you should start a board in your country to discuss things that more people would care about and understand.

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