SC Lt. Gov Andre Bauer for President 2016!!!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bucs90, Apr 24, 2010.

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    I'm officially endorsing SC Lt. Gov Andre Bauer, and hopefully soon-to-be Governor Andre Bauer, for President in 2016.

    First he said his grandma told him if you feed stray dogs, they breed, and then you have more strays.

    Now this: The Post and Courier - Bauer criticizes lazy people - Charleston SC -

    I'm through with political correctness. Arizona took the first heroic step this week. Now Bauer says the reason South Carolina has an illegal alien problem is our domestic citizens workforce has become so lazy, and so comfortable living off unemployment and government handouts, that they would rather sit at home and whine about illegals instead of working those hard jobs. He said South Carolina has a laziness problem, not an immigration problem.

    Brilliant. He nailed it. It's not about the illegals. Most are good folks and work hard. It's the system in place. Government handouts allow our citizens to be lazy. And those programs are gonna go bankrupt. We can't keep it up forever. So long as illegals are here to do it cheaper, our lazy citizens can remain lazy and comfortable on government freebies. Dry up those government freebies, our lazy folks will get their butts back to work, and the illegals won't have work here and would go back home. Brilliantly simple.

    Andre Bauer, finally, a politican who says screw political correctness. I hope this man runs for president in the future, I'll be first in line to vote for him.

    The funniest part of the article are the other SC guys running for SC governor who immediately began saying "I'm proud of our people" and speaking so highly of the people of SC and how proud and hard working they are. Really? SC is dead last or close to it in all categories. It's a beautiful state, some great people, but Bauer is right. Like many other places in America, government freebies have bred a generation of lazy people. Bauer 2016.

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