Saddle Up Folks: Palin Aides Reported Looking For Office Space In Iowa

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    What does this tell ya? It sure looks like she is gearing up and means to oust this affirmitive action president from the office he has been usurping. This is going to send some more shivers down the backs of liberals and her lesser GOP competitors. I’m beginning to think that Sarah Palin is the only person who will speak up for the American public and get rid of the abuse from the Obama Administration and the Feds.

    Here’s the 2012 for Sarah ‘battle field’....

    1. Keep the states McCain won


    2. FLIP the following states to get you over “270”...

    - FL (27) 51/48 (Obama winning %)
    - OH (20) 52/47
    - NC (15) 50/49
    - VA (13) 53/47
    - IN (11) 50/49
    - MN (10) 54/44
    - IA (7) 54/45

    Looks to me to not be that difficult. Go Sarah.

    Sarah Palin drops 2012 presidency hint with staff visit to Iowa | World news | The Guardian

    Palin scouts for office space in early voting state, suggesting next week's visit will be 'more than just a book signing'

    Sarah Palin has dropped another hint of her intention to run for the White House in 2012, dispatching aides to scope out office space in Iowa, the first stop in the presidential race.

    The "will she, won't she?" speculation about Palin in 2012 has become a Washington parlour game – as well as generating free publicity for her new book, which goes on sale this week.

    In the course of making arrangements for that tour, two aides organising Palin's visit to Des Moines on 27 November told locals they were looking into office space and other logistical needs for the coming year, the Guardian has learned.

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